Debt Collection FAQs! 

Going through debt collection can be a daunting experience. When dealing with debt collectors for the first time, you must be full of questions. You are not alone. Attorneys receive various questions from their clients dealing with debt collection for the first time. It is important to get your doubts cleared to avoid making a mistake. 

When a debt collector calls you, it is important that you know what your rights are and what they can and cannot do. By educating yourself, you can know when the collector crosses a line. If they do, you can legally sue them with the help of a Chicago debt defense attorney

Debt collection FAQ

  • How to tell if a debt collector is legit?

When it comes to debt collection, there are countless scammers out there. When someone calls you claiming to be a collector, you must ask them a few questions to verify they are legit before making promises or paying them. 

You may ask them their company name, who the original creditor is, their office street address, phone number, email address, and the debt collector’s license number. Every legit collector has a license number; therefore, you can easily cross-check. 

  • Can debt collectors contact me at any time and place?

No. No matter how much money you owe them or how old the debt may be, debt collectors must adhere to certain rules when contacting you. Although they can call and text you, there are limits to those. 

For example, debt collectors in Chicago cannot contact your family members directly, your employer or colleagues, or you more than once a day for each debt. Additionally, they are not allowed to publicize your debt, so they cannot visit your workplace as well. 

  • What is skip tracing in debt collection?

Skip tracing in debt collection is when debt collectors apply specific methods to locate an individual they cannot contact through available information. The term “skip tracer” comes from someone who has “skipped town” with a lot of money or someone with allegations. There are professional skip tracers for the job that debt collectors may hire. 

  • Can a debt collector contact anyone else about my debt?

No. A debt collector is not allowed to publicize your debt and tell anyone about it. Even when they call you at work, they are not allowed to tell your employer or coworkers who they are and what they are calling you about. They can only ask for your location or other contact numbers. The same goes for when they call your family members makeeover

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