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Florida Homeowners Insurance – What Are Home Insurance Costs Like in Florida?

In Florida, homeowners insurance premiums typically range from $30 to 45 per month for $100,000 of dwelling coverage. The amount of premium depends on the type of coverage and the age of the home. In general, the more expensive the premium will be, the more risky the situation. Tower Hill is the most affordable home insurance company in Florida for people with bad credit, while Citizens charges the highest average yearly premium. For a more accurate estimate, consider the factors listed below.

Rates for home insurance in Florida are generally higher than the national average. In Florida, home insurance companies charge a higher percentage of the home’s value than in most other states. In addition to the cost of your home insurance policy, you may also need to take into account other factors that affect your coverage, including the age of your roof and the size of the house. While these factors may not have a direct effect on the overall cost of your homeowners insurance, they are significant factors in your insurance rates.

If your Florida home is of higher value, you may want to consider Chubb. Its policy highlights include extended replacement cost coverage and a cash settlement option. Additionally, you may want to consider extras offered by Chubb, such as tree removal and home inspections. These benefits may offset the higher premiums. In Florida, however, you may want to compare rates from several insurers to find the best deal.

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