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How Do I Get the Google Play Store on My LG Smart TV?

You may have noticed that your LG Smart TV does not have the Google Play Store installed. However, you can still download apps on your TV from the LG Content Store, which is just as easy to use and operate as any other app download service. Getting started is simple; simply select the file and choose “Install” from the pop-up window. If the installation is successful, your LG Smart TV will have the Play Store on it.

Once you have sideloaded the necessary apps onto your TV, you can browse the Google Play Store for apps. If you do not find an app that you want, you can sideload it. Just browse the store and tap on the option to get more apps. You can then select the app that you want to install. You can also select a file to sideload to your TV. Once the file is on your TV, you can now enjoy it.

To install apps, you need to log into your LG Developer account. You can also use the remote to access the content store. You can also download and install games from the Google Play Store. You can download apps from this store if you have an internet connection. After you have done this, you can use your LG Smart TV to play games. Just like with regular games, you can also download videos and movies from this store.

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