How Do Japanese People Blow the Candles on Birthdays?

You’ve probably wondered: How do Japanese people blow the candles on their birthdays? Here’s the scoop. Japanese adults don’t organize elaborate birthday parties. Instead, friends and family plan a simple party for the birthday boy or girl. The celebration is more of a gift for the birthday boy or girl than a frantic party. And if you’re curious about the number of candles, you’re not alone!

This tradition began with Count Ludwig Von Zinzinzindorf in 1746, who had a birthday party complete with a big cake, with a hole in each one for a different age group. The birthday boy/girl would then blow out each candle one by one, hoping that his or her wish would come true. While the party-goers didn’t necessarily know why this tradition started, they tried to keep evil spirits away by making noise to scare them away.

The birthday of a child in Japan is celebrated differently than its counterparts in the United States. The children of Japanese parents celebrate their child’s first birthday by carrying a four-pound cake called issho mochi, which is said to bring good luck. Another tradition on a child’s first birthday is called erabitori, and involves choosing an item representing their future. The erabitori ceremony includes speeches and performances.

Another tradition in Japan is to put the birthday candle in the center of the cake. Then, the birthday girl blows out the candles with her own breath. The Japanese woman struggled to blow out the 68 candles. In the process, she huffed and puffed five times while the candles burned, burying the cake under a layer of wax. As the heat increased, she tried harder to blow out the candles and finally succeeded in blowing out all of them at once.

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