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How Often Do You Change Semi Truck Tires?

Tires on semi trucks age with time depending on many factors, including weather, road conditions, and driving habits. In addition, some manufacturers recommend changing tires every five to ten years. Uneven tire wear is a symptom of tire wear and can be seen with the naked eye. Check the inner and outer tire treads for wear and feel for weird vibrations. If you hear unusual noises, replace the tires.

To ensure a safe ride, check the treads on your tires regularly. You should check them for cracks and air bubbles, as well as for uneven tread. This is a warning sign that your tires may need replacement. Changing the tires often will reduce the risk of an accident and ensure your trucks fuel efficiency. In addition to routine maintenance, experts recommend replacing tires in sets of four. When you check a tire, make sure it is inflated to the recommended PSI.

Changing a tire on a semi-truck can be difficult in remote areas where access is limited. Fortunately, most truck drivers carry a tire changing tool on board. A tire changing tool breaks the bead seal, which is a small groove on the inner edge of the tire, resting on the wheel. By breaking the bead seal, the driver can remove the damaged tire and put a spare tire in its place biographypark

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