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How Powerful Does a Pressure Washer Need to Be?

The most common use of a pressure washer for residential purposes is to clean concrete, exterior walls, RVs, boats, fences, screens, and other surfaces. While more power is always better for cleaning purposes, you generally won’t need more than 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM for most household tasks. In addition, you’ll probably only use the pressure washer for a few specific jobs.

Domestic pressure washers are typically electric or gas powered. Larger gas-powered pressure washers generate higher water pressure than their electric counterparts. A 3400 PSI gas-powered pressure washer, which we will look at next, is three times stronger than the average Karcher home pressure washer. You might want to rent a gas-powered pressure washer if you need to clean concrete and other surfaces. But beware, a gas-powered pressure washer can be twice as expensive and have more power than you need.

The PSI and GPM ratings of a pressure washer are the most important factors for selecting the right one. The GPM rating is the amount of water it can discharge in a minute. The higher the number, the faster the cleaning and rinsing process. The GPM also determines how much water is needed to break up dirt. The more water a pressure washer can remove, the better.

Generally, a three to four-hundred-pound (PSI) pressure washer can tackle most surfaces with ease. tunai4d This pressure level is appropriate for brick, stone, and concrete surfaces. A four-hundred-PSI unit should not be used on cars, and heavy-duty models should be used for industrial jobs. The most powerful pressure washers are capable of producing the highest PSI for maximum performance.

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