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How Similar Or Different Is A Legal Assistant To An Attorney?

If you’re wondering how much a legal assistant’s job is like that of an attorney, the answer is quite different. Legal assistants handle administrative tasks in addition to the actual legal work, while paralegals require a four-year degree and two years of post-secondary education. The job description varies depending on the employer and position. Legal assistants often earn much less than attorneys do.

Despite the differences in the job description, many people dream of a career in the legal field. Although many people cannot attend law school, they are able to work in a law firm. While there are numerous roles that do not require a law degree, paralegals and legal assistants are two of the most popular. Learn more about these careers and how they compare. If you’re interested in either field, start looking for accredited schools today.

Although both professions involve close working relationships, there are some important differences between a legal assistant and an attorney. While the duties of both are similar, a legal assistant isn’t a full-fledged lawyer, while a paralegal does more of the legal work. Legal assistants typically perform administrative duties, while paralegals focus on preparing and reviewing legal documents. Additionally, they may be responsible for supporting research for clients, while attorneys spend most of their time with billable work. A legal assistant’s job description will vary from firm to firm.

The difference between a legal assistant and an attorney may be as simple as the difference in title. While paralegals do not provide legal advice, they do deal with actual legal documents. Paralegals generally get higher salaries and have greater authority than their legal assistant counterparts. And legal secretaries deal primarily with administrative duties. However, both are crucial roles in a law firm. It’s important to understand how much each position involves.

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