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How to Fix an Electric Pressure Washer That Won’t Start

If your electric pressure washer won’t start, the problem may be the motor. It could be thermal overload or a fuse. If the motor is not starting, wait until it cools down. Try the overload reset button if it doesn’t work. If you’ve tried all of these options, it may be time to replace the motor. Some pressure washer manufacturers offer a warranty on their motors, so you might be able to purchase a new motor if needed. In addition, you can test the amperage with a multimeter. If the amperage is low, this could be a sign that the circuit is too weak or a different type of pressure washer is needed.

Another common cause for this problem is a damaged or dirty spark plug. This can result in the engine not starting at all. Check the spark plug and replace it if necessary. This will fix the problem and prevent further damage to the engine. In many cases, a worn out spark plug can also cause the pressure washer to not start at all. If the spark plug is damaged beyond repair, it will need to be replaced.

The spark plug is the most likely problem. It sits on the front of the pressure washer, under the motor carriage. Check for a strong spark when you activate it, otherwise you’ll have to replace it. If you still can’t start it, you can check the spark plug with an ignition tester. The spark tester should give a small spark when activated. If you find a spark, it is likely that the spark plug is damaged and should be replaced duysnews .

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