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In the Trucking Industry What is a Super Single Tire?

The question “In the trucking industry what is a super-single tire?” may seem unrelated to your own fleet. But it is worth asking: What is the difference between a single and a dual tire? Here are a few examples of the two types of tires, and how they differ. In the trucking industry, the super-single tire is designed to improve fuel economy, while a dual tire is designed to provide flexibility when it comes to blowouts.

The super-single tire has a higher center of gravity than its Slbux dual-tire counterparts. While all trucks are transitioning to tubeless radial tires, the value of super-single casings is declining as a result of this trend. Most large truck dealerships are devaluing trade-in vehicles with ultra-wide base tires. While the new tires offer improved control, the current value of super-single tires has dropped rizonbayview significantly compared to mid-to-late-80’s prices.

The savings vary by brand and application. For example, Yokohama single tires can save a fleet up to 30 pounds per wheel-end position. Additionally, a single tire can reduce fuel costs by two to three percent. These single tires are not ideal for all types of transport, but they are great for certain applications. In addition, they are easier to maintain, which reduces the risk of flats.

Super-singles are popular among cross-country haulers. login99bet The company claims that the new tires improve fuel mileage by up to 1 mpg. However, some drivers are not convinced. Even after a trial period, some customers have returned to dual assemblies. For those who do not want to buy a new set justprintcard of tires, they can sell off their old ones and switch over to a super-single. Latest Website  naukri24pk

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