Should You Represent Yourself or Hire a Lawyer When Going Through the Divorce Process?

Not all divorces are black and white and automatically require the services of an attorney. Also, you can go through other legal proceedings without legal representation. However, as with other legal matters, things usually get complex. Often, divorce becomes complicated quickly even if it started simply. Generally, you want to avoid missing something important in terms of divorce issues such as child custody and property division. Also, you don’t want to make mistakes that can be costly for you down the road. This is possible when you have a reliable divorce attorney from on your side. 

Does DIY Divorce Work?

Self-representation in divorce cases gives you monetary benefits. Divorce attorneys are not cheap. But online guides or divorce kits can help you end your marriage without spending a huge amount of money on attorney’s fees. However, this can only work for straightforward cases such as uncontested divorce, no children involved, short marriages, and minimal debt or assets to divide. While saving money is great, the situation can become complicated in a blink of an eye. 

Is Your Spouse Represented by an Attorney?

If you are wondering whether or not to hire a divorce attorney, you must consider whether your spouse has legal representation. Not hiring a lawyer, in this case, will put you at a disadvantage. Keep in mind that your spouse’s attorney will then prepare the divorce agreement. And this attorney does not represent you and can’t provide you with legal advice. 

When Hiring an Attorney is Important

Many factors impact whether you must retain a lawyer. If your divorce involves significant assets or complex finances, you need to hire an attorney. A competent lawyer will request documents and do their homework to get an accurate view of the finances of your spouse. Ultimately, such information can result in a fairer asset division. 

If you have kids and you and your spouse cannot agree on child support or custody, a divorce attorney can help you sort this out. A lot of factors go into deciding on child custody. A lawyer with extensive knowledge of applicable laws can help you successfully resolve this matter. 

Lastly, it makes sense to hire a lawyer if you are not sure about how the divorce process works or wish to understand your legal rights and position. If you have tight finances, you can hire a consulting divorce lawyer to help you with certain portions of your divorce case. But even if you hire a full-scope lawyer, you can exhaust some methods to control their total service cost. 

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