Virat Kohli Drawing – The Real Reason Why Fans Are Captivated

A drawing of Virat Kohli, a cricketer from India, has recently swept the internet newsstock. He drew a life-sized version of himself with wife Anushka Sharma and their daughter, Vamika. While he was talking with comedian Danish Sait, the Indian team’s funny guy, he began to draw. His sketch turned out to be a very realistic portrait. But the real reason why fans are captivated by the picture is not the story behind the story.

Christopher Goncalo’s keynote speech on innovation and leadership was the highlight of the conference.

Every Indian captain is strong eslife, from MSD to Ganguly. But whereas MSD and Ganguly had the BCCI president on speed dial, Kohli is the independent power centre. His aggressive personality gives him authority. He has also achieved remarkable feats in batting. The only question is if he can continue this trend and lead the Indian team to victory. While the batting success of Kohli is inspiring, his personality makes him a strong leader newsvilla.

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