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What Are the Highest Paying Jobs at a Car Dealership?

If you’re interested in learning more about the highest-paying jobs at a car dealership, you’ve come to the right place. Car dealerships employ salespeople, managers, and other professionals to help them sell cars and manage the business. Often, the principal of the dealership runs the business. If you’re interested in becoming a car dealership employee, you should explore all the possible job opportunities.

General Manager: This job entails supervising a sales staff and developing strategies to sell cars. Other general manager duties include setting goals and scheduling, hiring new salespeople, collaborating with other departments, and determining the company budget. General managers should have excellent communication and customer service skills, as they’ll likely be communicating with customers on a daily basis. While they’re not selling cars, they may be negotiating a deal with a customer.

Most car salespeople make very little money, earning an average of $40k per year. Their compensation is largely based on sales commission. While the commission percentage differs from dealership to dealership, it’s typically around twenty to twenty-five percent. Sales commissions are calculated on a percentage of the dealership’s profit and aren’t based on the ticket price of a car.

Mechanic: The average salary for a mechanic varies according to the state you’re in. Mechanics typically earn an associate’s degree or certificate. Sales managers are vital to the success of a retail business. They keep inventory moving, determine the most effective sales tactics, and deal with customer issues. Some sales managers may even be responsible for the initial valuation of a used car. These people must be knowledgeable about cars and their equipment.

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