What are the Main Causes of Increasing Number of Motorcycle Accidents?

The number of motorcycle accidents in America is at a record high. Motorcycle crashes are more likely to result in serious or fatal injuries than accidents involving cars and motorcycles together. That makes it essential to hire a personal injury lawyer Salem after you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

There are many factors that contribute to the increase in motorcycle accidents, including lack of protection, aging riders, racing bikes, inexperience, and bad weather conditions. In this post, we will discuss how each of these can contribute to motorcycle accidents.

  • Distractions

Many times, and especially so when on a motorcycle, riders have to balance their bikes while dealing with other distractions such as making a cell phone call or putting on make-up. Although this may seem minor in the short run, one accident can change your life forever. There are many causes of distraction such as music players, pets, or children in the car.

  • Aging Riders

The World Health Organization found that older adults over the age of 65 are much less likely to wear helmets correctly than younger riders. As the age of the rider increases, it is more difficult to maneuver the motorcycle, especially if the weather goes bad or road conditions are worse.

  • Lack of safety gear or protection

The most important piece of safety equipment for motorcyclists is the helmet. Helmets are important in two ways. First, their purpose is to protect the rider’s head from various hazards of a motorcycle crash, such as debris or broken glass. Second, helmets improve the rider’s situational awareness and reduce fatigue caused by wind newtoxicwap pressure on the face and eyesight problems. It also allows the rider to see around corners better so that hazards can be avoided.

  • Small size of motorcycles

The smaller size of motorcycles makes them harder to be visible to other drivers on the road. This makes the driver focus on other vehicles instead of a motorcycle that may be attempting to cross into their path. Smaller sizes of motorcycles also mean that tnmachiweb riders have less protection.

  • Speeding

Many drivers are impaired by alcohol or drugs when they are behind the wheel of a car. This can result in them not isaidubnews seeing a motorcycle and consequently not driving as carefully. Drivers who speed also have more distractions and less experience, which means that there is a greater chance of an accident. Some 7hdstar people drink and drive their motorcycles as todaypknews well, which increases the chances of injuries due to the speeds involved in motorcycle crashes. 

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