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What is an Apple Business Manager?

When you want to manage your employees’ iOS devices, you may be wondering what an Apple Business Manager is. This tool is used for Apple devices that are corporately owned, but that have BYOD features turned on. The manager creates Managed Apple IDs, allowing businesses to purchase and distribute apps and books for their employees. But before you get started, here are some basics about this tool. Keep reading! This article will answer many of your questions!

Device Enrollment is one of the key features of the Apple Business Manager. It streamlines the enrollment process of corporate-owned Apple and Mac devices. It eliminates the need for staging services and manually configuring devices. With Apple Business Manager, you can configure and update your devices through a centralized interface. And since the management tool stays on the devices, it’s easier for IT teams to manage device enrollments. The management tool also makes the entire setup process easier for end users.

What is an Apple Business Manager? Apple’s free online portal streamlines the onboarding of corporate-owned Apple devices. It also helps MSPs leverage the built-in framework for managing mobile devices. Apple Business Manager supports iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and macOS devices. Apple Business Manager also supports Apple School Manager, which helps businesses manage their employees’ Apple devices used for education. There are many benefits to using an Apple Business Manager, but it’s worth considering the cost and complexity before you begin.

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