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Why Are Women More Fashion-Inspired Than Men?

According to sociologists, women are more interested in fashion than men. The difference lies in their ability to express themselves in clothes and their willingness to buy the most fashionable items. Women spend more than men on clothing, and they are much more comfortable shopping for clothes. A study by Affilinet showed that 84.3 percent of men make purchases online, while only 47% of women do. Men also tend to spend more per purchase than women, and they are more likely to spend their money on clothes than women.

While men wear pants, women have more options when it comes to fabrics, design lines, silhouettes, and colors. Women have also long been more interested in appearance, and men have traditionally dressed in pants and skirts, while women wear skirts and dresses. Serena Williams, for example, is an example of how women push boundaries. She wears designer dresses that accentuate her muscular arms, and she plays tennis in clothing made for women.

A more complex reason may exist in the history of clothing. Historically, men have been second fiddle to women, and their clothing has often been dictated by their desires and budgets. Women imposed elaborate sartorial conventions and pushed the cage crinoline, but men had few choices in terms of clothing. In fact, the 19th century, dubbed the “great male renunciation of brilliant fashion,” was a period of oppression in this regard. Men did not have as much choice as women, so men had to be content with second-rate attire. This imbalance could be redressed by making more men-friendly clothing.

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