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Why Do Insurance Companies Take Pictures of Your Home?

Insurance companies often take pictures of a home to verify its condition and potential hazards. If you recently purchased a new home or purchased a policy for your current home, you may be wondering why insurance companies need to take pictures of your property. Some homes do not have pictures of recent damage, while others may have maintenance problems. Pictures can help the insurance carrier assess the level of damage and make an estimate of repairs. But before you start requesting pictures, you should know when they will need them.

When requesting photos from an insurance company, make sure you capture all angles and corners of the property. Using a camera with a geolocation or timestamp can help the insurance company verify the evidence. Also, if you are taking pictures of the interior of your home, make sure that you zoom in on any specific damages that the insurance company will want to document. If you have any other questions, leave the pictures to the insurance adjuster and call the emergency services.

In some cases, the insurance company may ask you to send pictures of your vehicle after an accident. Once they have a picture of your car, they will follow up with a licensed mechanic or repair shop. To get the best auto insurance quotes, enter your ZIP code and compare three or four quotes. Then, pick the one that fits your budget. A lot of national insurance companies require pictures of cars, while some local companies may only ask for pictures of homes. It’s best to get at least three or four quotes before deciding on one company.

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